Brand new trilogy of Sitland's Collections
12 October 2017
Work tools dedicated to Contract, work and residential spaces,
designed around well-being

Sitland's commitment to beauty and manufacturing excellence is encompassed in three volumes dedicated to the world of planning and architecture: three elegant catalogues and one practical box illustrating the best materials and finishings.

Sitland has long collaborated in prestigious projects of international breadth, showcasing both catalogue and custom products. It also has extensive know-how in the contract sector, and for the first time it brings you a dedicated contract catalogue. The aesthetic and qualitative value of Sitland's products and its great flexibility are now distinctive signs of the company expressed in the three new catalogues centred on the needs of contemporary spaces.

Specifically, the three catalogues focus on:

Contract: our passion for contact spaces is our vocation, which we present in an even more systematic fashion in this volume. The catalogue showcases multiple collections from big to small armchairs and coffee tables, and a wide range of options, from different types, colours and finishings.
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Office: the confirmation of an elegant, ergonomic and functional offer of professional products dedicated to the workspace. Directional and operational armchairs, and waiting room seating: a comprehensive range which blends technology and design, and is capable of satisfying every need.
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Restart: collections which encompass the different needs and uses of their clients offering exceptional value for money in terms of quality, performance and competitiveness.
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