Your project in 3D with SitLand and pCon.planner
27 February 2015

Free, simple and intuitive

pCon.planner is a free application to design interior. It's used by thousands of designers, architects, manufacturers, facility managers and distributors. This application allows you to create and design simply and intuitively any kind of space in 2D and 3D with professional results.

All SitLand products ready for your project

It is easy to start using pCon.planner: after downloading the software in the proper page, it is possible to download pCon.catalog, the practical online catalogue of products ready to be set up according to anyone's need, and then include the products in the projects. pCon.planner uses DWG file and it is able to read 3D models in most common formats such as DXF, 3DS or SKP.
At present, only some selected products will be available in pCon.planner. In the forthcoming months, we will add all the other SitLand's models, until when all the products of SitLand and Restart collections, including any possible novelty will be available.

Share your project!

You can best achieve this with an innovative presentation – you make your ideas tangible for customers in your planning work with outstanding photos, 3D projections, 360° panoramas and videos. With Impress you can manage your presentations simply and conveniently.

A summary of important functions

  Loading and saving of DWG files

  Multi-window display for clear planning work
  Processing of models in different formats (3DS, SKP, DXF, SAT)

  Architectural elements like doors, windows, staircases and dormer windows

  Real-time 3D renderings using a variety of rendering modes

  Export CAD models for three-dimensional presentations in the browser

For more information on the use of pCon.planner and the access to the products of the SitLand's catalogues, please contact