Scultura among the 21st century's challengers
27 November 2014
Sitland got back to WBF, the main event of management in Europe, with Scultura chair, after the experience made in 2013.

On 28th and 29th October 2014, the today's major leaders and innovators who changed the rules by developing new paths, went onstage of MiCo Milano Congressi.

Seated on Scultura chair, the following leaders told their experiences to a public of more than 2000 managers: Felix Baumgartner, famous for the launch in free fall from 40.000 meters; Oliver Stone the legendary director who won three Accademy Awards; Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple and Silicon Valley's icon, Jacques Attali, politician and economist, the ethnograpger Simon Sinek, Marcus Buckingham researcher and writer, Steven B. Johnson mind leader, and Chris Gardner successfull person who inspired the movie with Will Smith "The pursuit of happyness".

The VIP lounge area was furnished with other products of Sitland's soft seating collection: Of Course, Atum and Lounge.